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by posted 12/07/2019

Team Duke-

Welcome parents and players to 9/10 House Basketball. Our team name is Duke. I’m going to be on the bench this year with the boys and want to drop you all a line to  give you an idea what to expect. Many of you are old friends so I’m happy to have your son back on my watch. For those of you I don’t already know, I look forward to meeting you. 
For the Freshman, particularly those who have not experienced 9/10 House-Ball through a sibling, this is where it gets “fun”. Youth sports talk a lot about “fun” but sometimes forget what that means. In this league, we won’t forget. For the Sophs, you already know.

I’ll use Bullets b/c they get read and b/c it’s easy.

What you CAN expect:

  • Limited “Coaching”
    • At this point coaches step back and let the kids play. My primary role will be to sub players in and out
    • From time to time I may recommend a certain play or strategy, but in general it’s theirs to figure out
    • Anybody who has questions on how to improve should feel free to ask. I've played basketball and can give drills for almost anything they might want to work on
    • There are no practices
    • Games on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings
  • Equal playing time
    • It’s not “fun” to sit on the bench. We will endeavor to keep playing time as equal as possible 
    • We have players with all levels of experience. We will occasionally be at a competitive disadvantage b/c I will not sacrifice a players time for a win in a house-league basketball game
      • Nobody’s getting benched because they can’t make a lay-up. This isn’t AAU or Varsity. This is about fun. Everybody will play.
      • I am always available to discuss anything with any player or parent but I suggest you (or your son) tread lightly with regard to playing time
    • It’s not “fun” to lose. Regular season games might not go our way. It doesn’t matter if we win or not (contrary to what my own son might think). Everybody makes the playoffs. IF we get to the late stages of a playoff game, we MAY decide to insert more experienced players. This would likely be in a matter of a few minutes of game time …. Not entire games. See previous sub-bullet on this topic.
  • Boys-being-Boys
    • These are 13-15 year old boys. There will be trash talk, joking, occasional bad play, etc. Which is all ok. It’s why kids love this league. As long as it’s in the right spirit …

What WON’T work:

  • Boys-being-Bad-Boys
    • There’s a line, and once we cross it the fun’s usually over for someone, and that’s not going to work for me.
      • Disrespecting: referees, parents, other team coaches, other team players, and (especially) our own teammates and me, is obviously not going to work. I'll leave it at that.

I want the boys to be themselves on this team and learn how to own it. Most (or all) of them are heavily coached in some other sport or activity.  They don’t get the chance to play without consequence very often. I love the free-for-all  … until someone isn’t along for the ride. As long as we stay inclusive and positive, they can literally do what they want. As I said before, I am available to any parent or player for any reason. I’m not so focused on who advocates for who, as I am on getting problems solved. If you or your son has a problem, let me know – any way you prefer. My contact information is below.

I love basketball and I’m looking forward to the season. Our first game is Sunday 12/8 at noon. We’ll see you Sunday morning.

Rob Weibel


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